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 Заголовок сообщения: PQ-Glycol [PQ, K2]
СообщениеДобавлено: 07 июн 2009, 23:07 
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Окрашивающий проявитель с гидрохиноном для плёнки
PQ-Glycol - modified Pyrocat-HD, by Gadget (Patrick) Gainer

Stock Solution A
Propylene/ ethylene glycol/ glycerin 75 ml
Hydroquinone 5.0 g
Phenidone 0.2 g
glycol/ glycerin to make 100 ml

Stock Solution B
Water 70 ml
Potassium carbonate 75 g
Distilled water to make 100 ml

Dilute 1+1+50 just before developing. Don't be put off by the immediate change in color. Develop 7 or 8 minutes at 70 F (21 C). An optional dilution: 2+2+50.
The B Stock can also be made as 20% sodium carbonate solution, then dilution is 1+5+50 or 2+10+50.

Some developing times, agitation for 3-5 sec @ every 3 minutes:

Свема-100, 100 ед.: 1+1+50, 13-14 мин; 200 ед.: 1+1+50, 16-17 мин
А-2Ш (Свема), 400 ед.: 1+1+50, 10 мин; 600-800 ед.: 1.5+1.5+50, 12-13 мин
Fortepan-100, 100 ед.: 1+1+50, 12-13 мин
Lucky SHD-100, 100 ед.: 1+1+50, 20-22 мин
КН-2, 1990 г., 32 ед. номин., как 100 ед.: 1.5+1.5+50, 15-16 мин

Use propylene glycol instead of the alcohol to keep phenidone. Rumors that there is no way to keep phenidone in solution are greatly exaggerated. Heat the glycol or you will have to wait a week or so for the phenidone to dissolve. The amount of Phenidone is not critical - you can measure it with a teaspoon. Too much is better than too little. 1/8 teaspoon is approximately = 0.25 grams.

The PQ-Glycol would look more like the PC-Glycol (non-staining) if you added a gram/L or so of sulfite to the working solution. Sulfite is necessary to the superadditivity between the P and the Q. A very small amount will sufice, but some is necessary. It appears that the formation of hydroquinone monosulfonate is a necessary step in that synergism. OTH, the PC formula does not need sulfite for synergism. When you want both stain and synergism, add as little sulfite as possible – about 0.15 g per liter of the working solution. One can also add ascorbic acid to Stock A solution in amount of about 0.2 g per 100 ml of stock (or 0.04 g per liter of working solution). It will activate the working solution and keep base fog lower.

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 Заголовок сообщения: вариант Mehmet Kismet
СообщениеДобавлено: 14 июн 2012, 01:39 
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Mehmet Kismet опубликовал этот рецепт как вариант пироката с гиброхиноном:

To prepare a staining developer with a small modification from Sandy King's Pyrocat-HD formulae, I use hidroquinone instead of catechol which is hard to find in my country.

The result is almost indistinguishable from the original mixture.

Here is the formulae I use:
Distilled water 400cc
Sodium bisulfite 5g
Hidroquinone 25g
Phenidone 1g
Potassium bromide 1g
Water to make 500cc

Distilled water 1000cc
Sodium carbonate anhydre 200g

To use with FP-4 4"X5" rated 64EI, and developed with a JOBO CPP-2 at the slowest speed, a starting point would be 8min at 22oC, for a diffusion enlarger head.
The mixture for this setup is 10ccA+50ccB+750cc water for N development.
...formulae is best suited to varicontrast papers then the pyrogallol based formulaes. For more contrasty highlights, that I prefer in my works, the brown color stain of the hidroquinon is better then the green-yellow stain of pyrogallol. This color of pyrogallol retains the magenta filter to soften the highlights where there is more stain and more green-yellow in the negative.

http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/1524 ... isons.html

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