Beutler-Pyro [MCYg, K2]
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Автор:  Relayer [ 28 июн 2012, 16:42 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Beutler-Pyro [MCYg, K2]

Фишка рецепта в использовании активных растворителей галогенидов серебра

It´s a simple advanced formula that I´ve created with respect to the famous developers of Willy Beutler (Neofin).
I use a fairly new additive to that kind of chemism : Ammoniumthiocyanate - as a stabilizer that keeps the working solution free from aerial oxidation and opens new possibilities to staining pyro up to stand-developing processes.
In fact this pyro formula does have no negative aerial staining, maximum film speed (Acros reaches up to 400 ISO) and a great potential in sharpness and contrast compensation.
Working procedure is the same like in other staining developers: a slightly alcaline pre - and after-bath seems necessary.
There is one formula for 35mm films up to ULF, tray-, tank-, rotation- processing or stand-developing (best results in tank and stand-processing)
For LF users it could be helpful to use the working solution No.II - that brings enough density for alternative printing, too.

Part A
Метол 50г
Метабисульфит натрия 8г
Пирогаллол 50г
Аскорбиновая кислота 10г
Йодистый калий 1.5г
Вода 1л

Part B
ТрилонБ 10г
Карбонат натрия б/в 75г
Вода 1л

50% р-р ammonium thiocyanate

Рабочий раствор 10мл А + 10мл В + 960мл воды + 2мл ATC
Время проявления
25-50ASA 8.5min
100-200ASA 10min
400ASA 12min

источник ... nt-formula

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