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DS-16 "Burning" Lithprint developer

Part A
hydroquinone 3.0 g
sodium metabisulfite 2.0 g
water to make 100 ml

Part B
potassium bromide 2.0 g
sodium carbonate 5.0 g
trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate 10.0 g
water to make 100 ml

Combine 100 ml Part A, 100 ml Part B, and 800 ml water to make working developer solution immediately prior to use. Target pH is 11.

This is a short lived developer for lith printing of print material. The idea is to formulate a lith print developer that is ready for use as the solution is mixed, without a need for inconsistent "old brown" solution.

High degree of lith effect is obtained with relatively short processing time compared to dilute Kodalith developer. However, this developer does not yield lith effect from papers that are not lithable in Kodalith.

When the lith effect is too hot, try to increase sulfite and/or bromide content. Sodium sulfite (not sodium metabisulfite used in the formula) should be increased with 1.0 g/l increment, and bromide 0.5 g/l. It is also recommended to add about 1.0 g/l of sodium sulfite every 15 minutes to prolong the developer life.

A typical tray life of this developer is 1 to 1.5 hours.

Note: if 10 g/L of sodium sulfite is added to this developer, it turns into a non-lith warmtone developer. ... apid_fixer

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